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NR 1 in Diet & Healthy Food!

Already 14  years we have been active and experienced in the diet, sports and weight loss world.  Our cradle is in the Turnhout region, but in the meantime we are known far beyond for our diet.  We guide customers who live too far away via a video call with follow-up conversations.  


Each of our team of nutrition coaches and dieticians has focused on a particular niche within the world of diet and sports nutrition.  We stay up to date with the necessary further training  in the world of healthy food. Our dietician takes  of course also diabetics and intolerances for her account and you can count on a refund from your health insurance fund.

Even individuals who follow alldiets  If you have already tried with little result, we will start again with a personal schedule tailored to your work - and life rhythm.  

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Healthy slimming

Customized schedule

14 years experience

5000 customers

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of discovering  our diet formulas



1 address for your food -
and training schedule.



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You can count on us!

We give you enough information and pass our knowledge on to you. We think it is very important that you really understand our working method. In this way, even after your 'diet', you can make wise decisions for life that you feel good about and so that you can keep your target (or target weight) better and more fun.


So with us no lifelong diet only with powder shakes. We do offer a wide range of protein-rich 'tools' and treats that can help you in your nutrition plan if you want.  

Do you want to know which diet suits you best? Then click on the link below.

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Schema op maat

15 jaar ervaring

+ 5000 happy klanten

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Free home delivery from € 60!  

Ordered before 2 pm - shipped the same day

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 Large range of sports and diet food

You can also order all our products online in our webshop. You can choose to pick it up in the store or have it delivered. Here you pay the standard rates of Bpost. When buying from  € 60 shipping is free.

In our store itself  we have 450 different products in stock. 

You can  You can also find all protein and sugar-free products in the webshop. (protein-rich shakes, protein bars, pudding, bread, toast, cookies, jams, meals, soups, snacks, sugar-free sweets...)  

Our brands low in carbohydrates : W8CONTROL own label, Feeling OK, High Protein, Dietimeal, Barebells, Damhert, Ciao Carb, Miller, Ship, The Lite Selection, Lignavita, Rabeko, Qnt, Mars protein, Bounty protein, Snickers protein,  Hero jam, Quickburry, Virginias, Easybody, BisQi,...

In our range of sports nutrition we have bars, shakes and supplements from brands such as:

QNT, Sports2, Performance, First Class Nutrition, Monster, Syntech, Barebells, Nocco, Scitech Nutrition, Optimum Nutrition, Nutrend, Vitargo, M DOUBLE YOU, MP3, Ironize, etc... If you have any special request, just ask us . In principle, we can supply all sports nutrition to order.

We also have all kinds of accessories such as diet cookbooks, training gear, etc. In short,  you can contact us from A to Z.

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MONDAY : 9am - 6pm

TUESDAY: 9 a.m. - 2 p.m.

WEDNESDAY: 09:00 - 19:00

THURSDAY: 09:00 - 20:00

FRIDAY: 09:00 - 18:00

SATURDAY: 09:00 - 12:00

TEL 0468 32 83 89

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MAANDAG : 09 - 18 u

DINSDAG:  gesloten

WOENSDAG: 09 - 18 u

DONDERDAG: 12 -20 u

VRIJDAG: 09 - 18 u

ZATERDAG: 09 - 14 u​​

TEL  0470 39 26 52​


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