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Now what is this right?



The VERY SHORT explanation :

A diet based on the consumption of more proteins compared to carbohydrates, so that your own fat mass will burn.

The LONG scientific explanation:  

W8CONTROL has specialized over the years by building its own W8CONTROL diet.  Tailored to the customer, often based on the use of protein-rich food.  However, not every person is the same.  With our personalized diet we make the difference and that is also why our diet can also work for you.


Protein diet, Pronokal diet, Bart de Wever diet, Dukan diet ... all synonyms or variants for the protein diet or protein-rich diet.


A A high-protein diet consists of only consuming all the building materials necessary to maintain muscle mass. These building materials include proteins, vitamins and minerals. It is then up to the body to get the energy you need to function from the (fat) reserves . We will omit or limit the carbohydrates or sugars to an absolute minimum, because otherwise the body will not use its own reserves.

Carbohydrates raise our blood sugar levels when they eat them. As a result, the pancreas or pancreas starts to produce insulin . Insulin ensures that the excess sugar that circulates in our bloodstream (and is not immediately used as energy) is stored in the reserves. This first happens in the muscles and at a later stage in the fat cells, resulting in weight gain if you don't move enough or burn energy.


High-quality protein-rich meals ensure that blood sugar levels vary less. As a result, the pancreas is much less stimulated and has to produce less insulin.

Result: the feeling of hunger between meals stays away . The body will now get energy from the fat reserves, resulting in weight loss . After 3 days you should no longer feel hungry.


This is because your body goes ' in ketosis' . Ketosis is a 100% biochemical process in your body. As soon as there are too few carbohydrates in the blood to burn, the body will automatically switch to burning the fat reserves. During this process 'ketones' are released, which satisfy hunger and give more energy . And since the muscles are well nourished thanks to the proteins, there is only loss of fat mass while preserving muscle mass. This will give you a more muscular and leaner  figure.


Depending on the number of pounds you want or need to lose, you can follow a strict or moderate protein diet. After the initial protein diet, you can switch to our 'follow-up' products to maintain your weight after weight loss.


No yo-yo effect! This means that you first lose weight and immediately afterwards gain weight again, as with many other diets, which ultimately only makes you heavier.  This is because most other diets starve the body and start targeting muscle instead of fat mass.

In brief:

*  from now on you eat only (or combined) protein-rich food for a very short period of time

*  after 2 days of eating this food and few carbohydrates or sugars, your body goes into KETOSE (only in the strictest protein diet)

*  the feeling of hunger disappears

*  the desire for sweet disappears

*  you only burn body fat

*  your muscle mass is preserved

*  easy to keep up

*  very extensive range of protein foods

*  no yo-yo effect

*  You can reduce it after one week (depending on your target)

*  after the protein diet, we will work together to create a healthy eating pattern that fits perfectly into your lifestyle.

Our protein products that are necessary for your protein diet are available in our protein shop and diet shops in Turnhout, Oud-Turnhout, Hoogstraten & Bree. You can also order in our diet webshop for convenient home delivery (free from € 60)

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