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Starter Packs:
Affordable and easy slimming is possible with our starter packs. The starter packs are composed in such a way that you can easily lose weight without guidance. We bundled all the tastiest and best-selling products in a nice bag with an accompanying sheet where you can find all the information about how the diet works. There are 2 different packages for slimming.


1: the KETO BAG.

The keto bag contains products for slimming in ketosis for 7 days. Ketosis is the fat-burning process that starts when you consume little carbohydrates for 2 days.

2 : the DIET BAG.

The diet bag is a 7-day package where you will combine healthy meals with protein-rich products. This package is less strict and can also be used perfectly as step 2 after the Ketobag.  

You can improve your sports performance at an affordable price with our sports packages. A trendy sports bag filled with carefully selected products to achieve your goal.

1 : the LEAN BODY package. 

This package is suitable for athletes who want to lose fat mass and still want to maintain their built-up muscle mass. A low-fat shake, vitamins, BCAAs and a fat burner will help you reach your goal!

2 : the GAIN STACK: Ideal package for those who want to grow in muscle mass. Enough carbohydrates, creatine and vitamins can ensure muscle growth and weight gain.

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