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​​ W8CONTROL Protein and sports nutrition or slimming products  in your business?

Which can! Within the W8control BV we also have a branch for B2B. 

So do you have   already an existing diet store but you want to improve or expand your range?  It is also possible for your diet store or sports nutrition store or other sports store to work with the best range of low-carbohydrate products.  We supply various retail outlets such as diet stores, health stores, fitness or sports clubs. From large stores to small one-man businesses, we offer a solution for everyone.  The full range of protein products, diet food and sports nutrition can be delivered to you through us at very interesting conditions.  We also have our own wholesale distribution for professionals 'Protifood' ( ) Are you interested in this?

Send an email to quickly, or sign up by creating a login as a professional on the Protifood website and we will provide more information about the possibilities for collaboration. (after creating your login we will screen and approve your account)


Reach your Goal With W8CONTROL!

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