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Electro fitness in 20 minutes



A full workout in 20 minutes.

Don't feel like or have the time to work out for hours? Do you want a toned body again? Do you want to strengthen all your muscles in no time? Want to go back a few dress sizes in history? Accelerate your process of fat loss and the goal of a leaner body?

In 20 minutes you get a full EMS body workout that is 18x more efficient than a classic fitness session.  

You go in the Efit - so take a scooter for 20 minutes or cycle in our separate Efit room on our top floor in our shop in Oud-Turnhout.  You always train privately and alone (*or you have to consciously choose a partner to come along, that is also possible of course) This Efit suit contains the electrodes that will stimulate all your large muscle groups.  Your thighs, back muscles, glutes, arm & abs.  

The electrodes will transmit a soft impulse, which can be compared to short contractions of the muscles.  Because each electrical impulse per muscle group can be set at a separate intensity that you can determine yourself,  so you will never experience this as unpleasant. The intensity you choose is different for everyone and there are no recommendations on this. So everyone trains at their own comfort & level.

So the Efit suit does most of the work for you. It stimulates your blood flow and trains the muscles very intensively at the same time that you use the bicycle or scooter movement on the device you choose.  By stepping or cycling you also work extra on your condition and because of that combination you will also make rapid progress.


What can you expect?

  • Be Fit in 20 minutes

  • Fat Burning

  • 18x more efficient than regular fitness

  • 36 000 muscle contractions in 1 session

  • 90% muscle strengthening + higher muscle endurance (with normal training this is only 30%)

  • Activates the entire body

  • Cardio training in a third of regular time

  • EMS training (Electronic Muscle Stimulation)

  • Fast result

  • Faster fat burning

  • skin firming

  • Back reinforcement

  • Lymph circulation

  • Medically approved device

Different program options:

Fat Burning - Body Shaping - Electro Fitness - Muscle Building - Flat Abdomen - Anti-cellulite - Postnatal - Pain Reduction and Rehabilitation


What type of session do I choose?

E-fit session 'EASY'  on elliptical trainer or cross bike  ( 10, 20 or 30 turns )

E-fit session * 'DUO EASY' ( 10, 20 or 30 turns )  

(* Duo sessions are always 2 people with 2 subscriptions during the same half-hour slot in e-fit training. Subscriptions are personal and cannot be passed on)





Prices per 10 turns


Efit fintess bij W8cntrol dieet winkel te Turnhout en Oud-turnhout.jpg


10 turns  €350

20 turns  €650

30 turns  € 950

1 time efit wear : € 49.95

Free sports drink a session

Free trendy sports bag


10 turns  €595
20 turns  € 1050
30 turns  €1600
1 time efit wear : € 49.95
Free sports drink per turn
Free trendy sports bag

Bekijk hier E-fit voorbeeldfilmpjes

Bekijk hier E-fit voorbeeldfilmpjes

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