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Sports and sports nutrition plans often require expert advice and possibly a matching range of supplements and sports nutrition. Our sports nutrition specialist and dietician Anne will create a tailor-made sports nutrition and/or training schedule for you, in which she will look for the perfect pattern together with you. Gaining, aesthetic fitness, energy, recovery, endurance,...  Both on a professional level and recreationally and for all types of sports.
Make your appointment quickly so that we can start together to discuss and achieve your goals.  You can follow everything closely in our handy app in which you (even if you wish) can track all food.



Do you like to choose yourself or start with a starter package?


We offer the athletes among us an extensive stock range of various sports nutrition.  We also have handy starter packs for those who want to start or just want to get started quickly. In our W8CONTROL shop in Oud-Turnhout en Bree we have a specialized range of sports nutrition and supplements.  Cyclists, runners, bodybuilders and people with a predilection for strength training will also be able to meet their needs and have a very wide range of nutrition at their disposal. You can always contact us during the opening hours of the shop.  After your first purchase you will receive a W8CONTROL membership pass (discount card) that entitles you to a 10% discount on all your subsequent purchases of sports nutrition. This way we can offer you a competitive price on all our sports nutrition. 

Follow our facebook page 'W8CONTROL Oud-Turnhout'  and instagram page 'W8CONTROL sportsnutrition' as  your focus sports nutrition and sports diets  is and thus always stay up-to-date with novelties and promotions.

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