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How do we proceed?

If you are interested in slimming down with us, it is best to first make an appointment for an intake interview. You can do this via the button below, by mail, Facebook, Whatsapp or by phone.

During an intake interview, we provide an hour to find out more about your current eating pattern, your pitfalls and your goal. You will also be weighed on a professional scale on which we can see your muscle mass, fat and moisture percentage. After this, we look at what your fat percentage should be in order to calculate your ideal weight.

After the weighing, the different types of diets are explained, we explain a little more about how our body works and how the chosen diet works.  

It is very important to know that dieting itself is only a short part of the entire process. We try to get rid of everyone's kilos and to focus mainly on 'maintaining weight'.

Ultimately, it is after dieting that it becomes difficult for most. And we can help you with that! We provide you with the right knowledge to make smarter decisions afterwards in order to maintain a perfect weight.

Everyone is welcome, is it about serious overweight or just losing 2 kg or even gaining 10 kg? Everyone can come to W8CONTROL.


Slimming without guidance

Discover our handy starter packs


With W8CONTROL we also want to serve people who do not need guidance but still want to start losing weight.

We have developed W8CONTROL bags (starter packs) for this. This bag contains either a 7 day ( DIET BAG) or a 7 day diet (KETOBAG) with the best selling and necessary diet products.  Also a step by step accompanying schedule, a tape measure (and with the 10 day KETO diet a KETO stick.  These bags can of course also be found in our webshop with the starter packs.


Our service always includes the unlimited possibility to make free use of our 'body scan' scales in the shop in Oud-Turnhout during opening hours. This way you can always weigh and monitor what you have achieved with your body and adjust it if necessary.

Ontdek onze dieet en proteindieet startpakketten
Online training


Remote Guidance


Does your family or a distant friend also want the results you have already achieved? Which can! We also do online diet guidance for people who can't reach our shop.

Click on the button below if you would like to contact us about this.

Hoe verloopt een dieet intakegesprek?

Hoe verloopt een dieet intakegesprek?

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