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W8CONTROL wants  would also like to reach people who would like to start a diet after office hours and who still receive the necessary explanation about the diet. Our goal is to help as many people as possible lose weight and lose weight faster. This is not always easy to explain via the website or the webshop.  We understand that due to a job, hobbies of the children or other busy daily tasks, it is not feasible for everyone to make appointments during regular hours or to shop for diet or sports products.


That's why we recently launched our first W8CONTROL @home party.  1 of our trained nutrition consultants  will receive the company at home or with a hostess (from 7 people) and will explain the diet concept of W8CONTROL. There is of course also the possibility to taste all kinds of things afterwards. When everyone has made their choice, you can proceed to order the desired items. These are then neatly brought home by the consultant  as quickly as possible.


Are you interested in becoming a nutrition consultant for our home parties? Or are you interested in throwing a W8CONTROL@home party at your home? Contact us quickly via the buttons below!

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