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Are you a recreational or professional athlete?
Then E-Fit can help you improve your sports performance.
With E-Fit you get more muscle strength and a faster reaction time.
E-Fit will also help you to reduce your body fat percentage.

Try it out for yourself and you will be amazed at the results. Many top athletes already use E-Fit!

The E-Fit is also used by football teams and by sports doctor Dr. Chris  Goossens


E-Fit offers a large  advantage for top athletes. The training programs can be optimized for competitive sports with the help of the special suits with 20 electrodes attached to the 10 major muscle groups. These suits  to steer  custom  EMS signals  by means of  nasty  the  muscles.


We use the natural movement process here, whereby the respective muscle groups  EMS impulses  received in the order that the muscle groups move.

because of this  strengthen  we your  muscle fibers and its reflexes. This is how the athlete learns his or her  using muscles in the right order with the right intensity.

This leads to higher performance after 1 to 2 months.



Another advantage is that we can shorten the warm-up time. The adapted impulses ensure an automatic warm-up of the muscles because the  blood flow stimulated  is becoming.

Because we can work with a higher number of muscle fibers during the E-Fit training, there is  retain more energy for the competition  yourself.



Your personal trainer can individually adjust the intensity of each muscle group to  desired muscle strength  reachable at short notice with a  customized, individual EMS impulse program  (duration, frequency, depth, intensity, …).

By combining the external EMS impulses with  we focus the adapted exercises on your weaker muscle groups on a  targeted muscle building.

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