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E-Fit figure correction for a toned and slim body

Do you dream of a perfectly toned body? E-Fit makes your dreams come true!
With this fast and efficient figure-correction training program, you'll get rid of a tummy, love handles, cellulite or baby pounds in just 2x20 minutes a week!

E-Fit sends impulses to your muscles, fat cells, connective tissue & skin and replaces 4 treatments:

  1. 90 min fitness

  2. 30 min lymphatic drainage

  3. anti-cellulite treatment

  4. Fat Burning

With this all-round figure correction program you will boost your  metabolism,  burns  you  calories,  strengthens  you your  skin  and  strengthens  you your  muscles. While you only stimulate 30% of your muscle fibers with a 'normal' training

Flat Stomach, Slim Waist & Hips

A  flat belly  can be achieved through a combination of targeted depth EMS pulses  combined with us  fat burning program. With the 'abs' program from E-Fit you reach the hard to train,  deep abdominal muscles. In 20 minutes you will get  36  000 muscle contractions!


Do you still want  faster result? Then the E-Fit is combined with the abdominal programs of our personal trainer. With this  exercises  can you get your  belly workout,  love handles  tackle and your  abdomen  make tight. These programs are built step by step.

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