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Do you want to be healthy, sporty, fit, athletic and toned?

Here is the solution :
20 minutes E-Fit training and this only 1 or 2 times a week!

Are you a busy businessman, lawyer, teacher, postman, mom, secretary, ...
regardless of your age, gender, weight, nationality or profession

Anyone can E-Fit!

20 minutes of E-Fit has more results than 90 minutes of intensive fitness

With one Electro fitness session of 20 minutes you get  the training effect of 90 minutes of intensive fitness. The  EMS technology  ensures that your  contract muscles.  Training longer is not necessary, as we are very intense and  also the  deeper muscles  (also also the  most neglected muscles) can train efficiently. 
Due to the combination of the
  EMS training  and you get the exercises with your own body weight  36  000 muscle contractions  on 10 major muscle groups:


  1. abs

  2. pectoral muscles

  3. triceps

  4. biceps

  5. broad back muscles

  6. lower back

  7. buttocks / gluteus

  8. quadriceps

  9. hamstrings

  10. calves


in 20 minutes  activate  we  90% of the muscle fibers, while at a  90 minute classic fitness session is only 30%! We activate the slow and fast muscle fibers just as quickly, which is not possible with classic training.
At your start you can choose a
  fitness test. at a  interim fitness check-up  the fitness of your muscle groups is measured again.



With the long depth pulses of the E-Fit Abs program we strengthen all your  abs. With the training programs of the  virtual trainer  you have choices from different levels. Are you already  well trained  or are you not in shape at all? No problem!  


The different levels with  abdominal exercises  in this well-thought-out system ensure that you quickly achieve results to  effectively train abs,  without  a  overload  in the  back  to get!

With this training we also take care of the  back muscles.  Goodbye sore, weakened back!



With EMS training you can  desired muscle volume  obtain and maintain it without extreme effort. The E-Fit strength training is similar to regular strength training because we also focus on targeted muscle building.  


Muscle strengthening during exercise leads to muscle hypertrophy.
because you
  directly  works on the muscles, your  relieve joints.
With a strength program in combination with targeted exercises, we work on weaker muscle groups.

Your personal trainer can  intensity of  every muscle group  in person  adjust  to make your  desired  muscle strength  can be achieved with an adapted EMS impulse program.



Not in the mood for exercises? Are you more interested in a cardio training? Then you can use the  E-Fit Cardio  your  muscle strength, your speed and your reaction time  to increase.



Exercise has many health benefits! Already after 3 to 6 weeks of E-Fit there are noticeable improvements in daily life.

The older you get, the more muscle mass is lost. In the long term, this translates into more difficulty getting up in the seat, discomfort when carrying heavy objects, fatigued more quickly due to a visit from your grandchildren, etc.


Another negative effect of aging is your immune system that  gets weaker.

Scientific research has shown that regular exercise  has a positive effect on the  defense system  in the elderly. E-Fit gives you a  increased muscle mass leading to a  better muscle function  and  less inflammation!

With E-Fit you start  safe and responsible! In addition, the fun sessions provide more energy!

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