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Besides a tummy and love handles, you can also tackle cellulite with E-Fit. Cellulite or orange peel is the result of an accumulation of fat cells, waste products and water sticking out of the skin. E-Fit fights cellulite through lower depth impulses  send out to the  adipose tissue, which  improve blood and lymph circulation  and even your  boost metabolism. Your body removes waste better and is optimally purified. After just a few sessions you will see  result! We also sell a corresponding anti-cellulite gel  to lubricate the zones well for extra fast results.


Do you want to get your figure back as soon as possible after your pregnancy?

A diet is then  not enough. It is also necessary to combine this with adapted exercises. The E-Fit is ideal for this. You not only strengthen the deeper,  weakened abdominal muscles, the  pelvic floor muscles, but also the  connective tissue. Because the collagen and elastin production is stimulated, your  skin  back too  tighter. These need extra care after 9 months of hard work! And feel free to bring that little sprout, many moms and dads have already shown you that ;-)

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