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Bekijk hier E-fit voorbeeldfilmpjes

Bekijk hier E-fit voorbeeldfilmpjes


A full workout in 20 minutes.

Don't feel like or have the time to work out for hours? Do you want a toned body again? Do you want to strengthen all your muscles in no time? Want to go back a few dress sizes in history? Accelerate your process of fat loss and the goal of a leaner body?

In 20 minutes you get a full EMS body workout that is 18x more efficient than a classic fitness session.  

What can you expect?

  • Be Fit in 20 minutes

  • Fat Burning

  • 18x more efficient than regular fitness

  • 36 000 muscle contractions in 1 session

  • 90% muscle strengthening + higher muscle endurance (with normal training this is only 30%)

  • Activates the entire body

  • Cardio training in a third of regular time

  • EMS training (Electronic Muscle Stimulation)

  • Fast result

  • Faster fat burning

  • skin firming

  • Back reinforcement

  • Lymph circulation

  • Medically approved device

Different program options:

Fat Burning - Body Shaping - Electro Fitness - Muscle Building - Flat Abdomen - Anti-cellulite - Postnatal - Pain Reduction and Rehabilitation

(CLICK ON THE PICTURES  above for more info by category.)

What type of session do I choose?

E-fit session ' EASY'  on elliptical trainer or cross bike  ( 10, 20 or 30 turns )

E-fit session DUO EASY   ( 10, 20 or 30 turns )

(* Duo sessions are always 2 people with 2 subscriptions during the same half-hour slot in e-fit training. Subscriptions are personal and cannot be passed on)

What does an E-fit session cost?

E-Wear one-time: € 49.95  (mandatory E-fit clothing, EMS - permeable)

  See the session prices at the bottom  + each person per session receives 1 cooled sports drink with fat burner for free.(10 turns = 10 sports drinks and so on....) and a W8CONTROL Sports Bag!


10 turns  €350

20 turns  €650

30 turns  € 950

10 turns  €595

20 turns  € 1050

30 turns  €1600  



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