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Healthy slimming with E-Fit

Too little time or don't feel like exercising for hours?
A busy life, stress, long working days, no more energy, ...
Do you suffer from a yo-yo effect?

With E-Fit you have a solution in  only 2 x 20 minutes a week.

How is work done?

After putting on your personal E-Fit outfit,  only 20 minutes  obtained a full body workout by means of 20 e-pads spread in a vest, pants, arm and calf belts . So you need  no more hours of toiling in the gym. The E-pads send different  EMS impulses  to the  muscles, the  fat cells, the  connective tissue  and the  skin.

After an intake interview, we will determine what is the best method for you:

  • A targeted workout. In the training programs, possible joint problems and how good or how bad the condition is are taken into account.

  • A  E-Fit cardio & muscle training

Intermediate  are the results  evaluated.

We activate 10 major muscle groups  at the same time with a targeted EMS impulse program. Every muscle group is  set separately  so that optimal results can be achieved.  The zones are:

  • belly, waist, love handles,

  • Arms (biceps & triceps),

  • Thighs (quadriceps & hamstrings), inner thighs & breeches,

  • Back (lower back and broad back muscles)

  • buttocks,

  • Calves / Knees



You will receive a figure-correcting training and skin treatment on all the  high fat  zones,  without heavy weights  and with quickly visible results. Because the muscles are worked directly, the joints are completely relieved. E-fit is also ideal for people of age  who have a hard time with long physical exertion and thus cannot control their physique and weight.

Within 4 to 6 weeks you will receive:

  • An intensive muscle strengthening

  • A higher calorie burn

  • A lower fat percentage

  • A faster metabolism

  • Tight thighs (goodbye cellulite!)

  • Tighter skin

  • Further light legs

  • More energy!

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